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5 Ways Community Living Helps Seniors

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Being independent and free is a value that we all cherish, but whether it’s because of new-age or we’re just looking for a change of scenery, many of us begin to look into the benefits of living with others. Lifesprk Senior Living is founded on community support and positive senior experiences, and we pride ourselves on how our complexes bring new friends together.

Here are just 5 of the ways that community living can benefit you or a loved one.

Helps Support Mental Health

Strong social connections are one of our greatest features as humans, and this helps us enjoy our lives and accomplish more feats than we could on our own. 

This also works the other way, however, as social isolation can have a severe impact on our mental health and can make diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia even worse.

Studies show that if a person maintains strong social connections with their families and friends, their mental health can improve and better fend off mental illnesses and diseases.

More Likely to Be Physically Active

Physical activity is important no matter what age you are, but as you get older and your energy levels lower, it can be hard at times to muster up the strength to go outside for a walk or to get some exercise.

Having friends around you and people who you can chat with during physical activities will make the experience more enjoyable and can help keep up your strength and self-esteem for years to come.

More Likely to Eat Healthy Options

When seniors spend large amounts of time with friends and family, they are more likely to eat larger and healthier meals while boosting their overall nutrition.

This particular benefit is critical for seniors because as we grow older, our ability to tell when we are hungry or thirsty diminish, leading some seniors to unintentionally skip important meals.

Enjoying mealtimes with other seniors isn’t just a fun social event, but it also presents perfect opportunities to keep your nutrition levels healthy and your body strong too.

Greater Sense of Safety

As humans, we tend to take every precaution we can to make sure we stay safe and free from any illness or injuries, but if an accident happens at home and we aren’t able to get help right away, these problems can worsen and become dangerous.

When you are settled down in an assisted-living community or group home with other seniors, you have a strong safety net around you of people who understand the types of risks you face. 

They will also know when something is wrong and how to get you healthy again as quickly as possible.

Make New Social Connections

As much as we’ve talked about how social interactions can boost your mental health, your physical activity, and your body’s nutrition, we haven’t talked about the best benefit of them all: it’s just plain fun!

Looking to watch your new favorite show with someone? Ask one of your new friends down the hall. Want to go out for a walk in your area? Somebody in the building will be just as interested.

Friends and family are the spice that makes life so wonderful and activities that much more enjoyable, and there is no better opportunity to make friends with similar interests than through community living.

Interested in seeing these benefits for you or a loved one first-hand? Call the staff at Lifesprk Senior Living today at 800-783-7390 or visit us online and book your tour of excellent facilities today!

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